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1-on-1 CPT Exam Prep

Save time by focusing on what you need the most help with for your exam studying

Straight answers

Filter through the CPT content in an organized & personalized approach


Personalized study sessions via Zoom customized to your learning style & exact exam study needs!

save time!!

Cut down studying time by learning the CPT content in an easy-to-understand and exam focused method!!

  • When are the Free Live Public CPT Study Sessions
    Select Wednesday evenings at 7 pm Eastern Time Zone
  • What will be reviewed and covered in the Free Public Study Sessions?
    We will review the top requested topics such as programming, acute variables, eccentric/concentric, anatomy, kinesiology, programming, bioenergetics, nutrition and so much more! All from the comfort of your home through live streaming.
  • Who hosts and leads the Free CPT Public Study Sessions?
    Each session is led by a certified, qualified Mark Fitness Coaching Instructor (and sometimes a special guest presenter) who ensures content is explained in very easy-to-understand and applicable terms.
  • How are these session presented?
    They are presented in a workshop/seminar format where the presenter will review and discuss topics while ensuring all questions are answered.
  • Does my mic and camera need to be on?
    Nope! You can absolutely have your mic and camera off and listen in like a podcast!!
  • How long is each session?
    Each session lasts 45 to 60 minutes in length
  • How many sessions may I attend?
    You can attend as many sessions as you wish, even after you pass your exam!!
  • Can I access recordings of past study sessions?
    Absolutely! You can purchase full access to the Public Study Session archives and re-listen to all of them as many times as you would like!!
  • Are there additional exam prep materials, resources and workshops available?
    Yes! Check out the Self-Paced Online Exam Prep Packages page. Yes! Check out the Exam Prep Workshops and Study Sessions page. Yes! Check out the Exam Prep 1-on-1 Study Prep Sessions page.
  • How do I attend the live online study sessions?
    Register HERE to register for the Free Zoom Public CPT Study Sessions
  • Best Value

    Exam Prep Gold Pack

    I want to pass my exam AND truly understand the content!!
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Six (60 minute) 1-on-1 Study Sessions
    • Customized study sessions for your individual study needs
    • Supplemental study resources and materials included
    • 24/7 access to send any and all study questions
    • Memorize AND truly understand the material!
    • Focused exam prep sessions to save hours of study time!!
    • Please read all plan policies before purchasing
  • Just a Touch Up

    Just need some clarification on some topics and study tips
    Valid for one week
    • One (60 minutes) 1 on 1 exam study session
    • Completely customized to your study needs and learning style
    • Please read all plan policies prior to purchasing
  • Silver Exam Prep

    Just need a touch up! Three 1-on-1 study sessions
    Valid for one month
    • Three (60 minute) 1-on-1 study sessions live on Zoom
    • Customized sessions for your learning style and study needs
    • 24/7 access to send any and all study questions
    • Supplemental study materials and resources provided
    • Fully learn, memorize, and understand the CPT content!!
    • Please read all plan policies before purchasing
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