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Course Policies and expectations

  • All course content is the property of Mark Fitness Coaching and may not be copied, altered, distributed, or exchanged in any form without express written consent from Mark Fitness Coaching.

  • You will have access to the course (online digital platform via mobile device, desktop, and laptop) for six months (180 days) from the date of purchase. Please verify your purchase and the accuracy of the email you enter for purchasing the course before purchasing. Incorrect or mistyped email addresses entered during registration may affect access to the course.

  • Unfortunately, there are no extensions, no refunds, and no transfers or exchanges once the course has been purchased. All sales are FINAL.

  • Every person studies and retains materials differently. The course is guaranteed to assist you in knowing and understanding the content and breaking down some of the difficult concepts into easier-to-understand terms. The hope with the course is that if you put in the suggested time and effort to study and fully understand the content, then you should easily pass the exam but there is NOT an exam pass guarantee with any courses or workshops through Mark Fitness Coaching.

  • By purchasing access to a Mark Fitness Coaching course or workshop, you are agreeing to all course policies and expectations listed above and throughout the website listed on

  • Please contact Mark Fitness Coaching if you have any questions

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